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could wrap up their investigation into this shooting death of a young man that took place on campus here last night. deputies needed this morning's sunlight to search the rest of campus for any evidence. they used k-9 dogs. the fire department brought in ladders to look over the roofs. they did not find anything of significance, which means the school can reopen tomorrow. when it does, there will be counselors on hand in case any of the students want to talk about what happened here. >> their school is a safe place for them. i don't want them to be afraid to come to school. we take everything -- all possible precautions to keep them safe. and we do what we can. these types of events tend to happen at night when the students are not here. >> reporter: the school district tells us the school and its fences were locked up when the shooting happened around 8:45 last night. again, it was after hours. there were reports of several gunshots coming from the school. deputies arrived to find a young
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man, 18 or 19 years of age, bleeding from a bullet wound. he was lying in the school's field by a chain link fence. he died later at eden medical center. the s.o. has not yet confirmed his id. they are looking into whatever he was shot over a game of dice. what happened here has been very unnerving for one parent we spoke with who's having serious second thoughts from living down the street from this school. >> we just moved here about three months ago. we've noticed there's a lot of activity going on on this street right here. we're planning on moving pretty soon. >> reporter: you say a lot of activity -- >> well, i think there's drug sales going on. i think some gang members walking up and down the street. it just doesn't look like a really nice area. we just moved here. i know if you look up the next block, there's a lot of gang writing on the wall and stuff. >> reporter: investigators are not saying whether or not this was gang related. they do tell us they have leads but no suspects, no arrests. this, by the way, is the first
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murder this year for the alameda county sheriff's office. reporting live in san leandro, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you very much. new at 11:00, chp officers removing more explosives this morning from a santa clara home. officers loading a truck full of explosives found inside the home of everett basham. investigators say basham is an engineer who sent an e-mail threat to state senator leland yee over gun control legislation that that senator sponsored. this morning, the senator saying the e-mail contained very specific threats on his life. >> this threat was unlike any other that i have ever received. this was not a racist ranting or deriding my culture and my heritage. but instead it was a rather deliberate and specific set of behaviors that he was going to
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engage in order to accomplish his particular goal. >> officers originally discovered those explosives in basham's home on tuesday. that's when he was arrested. a bomb squad then detonated some of those explosives tuesday night. the man behind one of the most inspirational stories of the london summer olympics is now charged with murder. oscar pistorius faces his first court hearing tomorrow after his girlfriend was found shot to death inside his home this morning. we get the latest now from nbc's rohih catru. >> reporter: the details of precisely what took place in the early hours of this morning are still emerging. but what's known is horrifying and has stunned millions of south africans. oscar pistorius was arrested early this morning here at his luxury home. we're told that there was a shooting incident. by south african law, the authorities are allowed to say very little about what they believe happened.
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>> we can confirm that there was a shooting incident this morning at the home of the well-known paralympic athlete oscar pistorius. at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: it's being widely reported that the 26-year-old man being referred to is indeed oscar pistorius, that he was arrested, taken to a police station and questioned and that he will later appear in front of a magistrate in the south african city of pretoria. >> it dhe did not appear today. the police are still conducting their investigations. >> reporter: he is idolized by people across this country, a country with no shortage f of national icons but he is certainly one of them. so his court appearance willing watched incredibly closely by people right across this country. nbc news, pretoria. happening right now, hundreds of passengers stranded
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on that carnival cruise ship in the gulf of mexico now on their way back to dry land finally. this is new video of the carnival "triumph" being pushed towards mobile, alabama. jay gray is in mobile, alabama, where that ship was expected to dock within the next hour or so. jay, now we're hearing this could actually happen a lot later. >> reporter: yeah, jon. carnival cruise lines has confirmed that it will not dock until some time they say between 8:00 and 11:00 local time, central time. i just traded text messages with someone on the ship who tells me that they've been told midnight local time would be the earliest that they would make it in. so some confusion there. the process, according to carnival, taking longer than they initially thought it would. tugging this mass aive ship int the port here. 900 feet, 100,000 tons and getting it up the waterway here and to the port of mobile has
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just proved very difficult. in fact, they've added two tugs, four tugs will be involved in this process. and it's going to take some time as we talked about. once it does make it to the port, passengers will be allowed to leave for the first time since the ship's engine room caught fire losing propulsion. that was sunday. they've been in deplorable conditions as we've talked about with little food and waiting hours and hours to get what little they could as far as food is concerned. little running water. less than two dozen bathrooms for more than 4,000 people on board. that leading to raw sewage and problems with that. no air conditioning. so it's just been a horrific trip for many of the people on board. and a tough wait for those who have gathered here in mobile to pick up their loved ones, close to 100 now here at the terminal and waiting, understanding at this point their wait is going to be a bit longer.
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most just say, look, i want to get my husband, my wife, my kid off this ship and take them home. for those that don't have someone here to greet them, they'll be loaded into two separate charter bus groups. one will go straight back to galveston where the voyage initiated. the other will head to new orleans. there are 1,500 hotel rooms reserved there, allowing these people to decompress. get some rest, try and recharge, get a hot shower, which i'm sure a lot of them would like. sleep and a bed with fresh linens, air conditioning. then they'll get on chartered planes the next day, head either back to texas or to their homes. >> jay, what a horrific scene there. thank you very much. we have new details in the manhunt for christopher dorner. we are now hearing from the last couple believed to have spoken to dorner before a shootout in pa fire at a cabin tuesday night in big bear. jim and karen reynolds entered their condo in big bear tuesday and found dorner inside.
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he had apparently been hiding there since friday. they say the minute he saw them, he pulled out a gun and told them to stay calm. >> he wouldn't hurt us if we did what he said, followed his directions, we'd be okay. >> what are you thinking? >> i didn't believe him. i thought he was going to kill us. >> we saw so many pictures of him. and while he talked to me, he said, i know you've seen the news, i know you know who i am. >> he said, i don't have a problem with you, i just want to clear my name. >> dorner tied them up, stole their car and took off. that's when karen managed to get free and she called 911. it was that call that set into motion the chain of events that investigators believe ultimately led to dorner's death. dorner fled to another cabin where that stand-off began. police lobbed tear gas inside the cabin and that's what caused the fire. what's believed to be dorner's body was found inside that burned-out cabin along with his driver's license.
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police say they will wait, though, until they receive absolute confirmation from the coroner before they officially declare him dead. pleasant hill police this morning asking for your help trying to track down a burglary suspect. we have surveillance video from that scene. this was taken during the early morning hours back on february 8th. that suspect there seen on the front porch of a house with the coast clear. he eventually climbs up and he steals the camera. if you happen to have any information about this suspect and maybe recognize him, you're asked to please call the pleasant hill police department. san francisco city leaders are taking a stance to end violence against women this valentine's day. the board of supervisors unanimously passed a resolution declaring today as the 1 billion raising day. it's part of a global movement to raise awareness on the continuing abuses women face throughout the world. mayor ed lee and other leaders will be attending a public event on the front steps at city hall this afternoon at 4:00. sheriff ross mirkarimi, recently accused of domestic
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violence, is helping to organize a flash mob by county prisoners to protest domestic violence. his wife is expected to take part. mirkarimi, as you may remember, was recently accused of grabbing lopez hard enough to cause a bruise. it led to domestic violence charges and mirkarimi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment last year. it caused a riff between mirkarimi and mayor ed lee. still ahead, another reminder of that tsunami that devastated japan as we near the two-year date of that disaster. american airlines and us airways get married this valentine's day. what is the new relationship meaning to you? we'll take a look in business news. greetings from arizona. i'm lawrence scott. we're going to introduce you to a giants legend. he makes sure everything is right for the players. that's coming up in a report right here from spring training in just a bit. and a valentine's day forecast you are guaranteed to love. but all good things must come to
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an end. and that rain is on the way. we'll let you know its timing coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. nearly two years after a tsunami hit japan, killing close to 16,000 people, remnants of that disaster continue to make their way across the pacific ocean. in hawaii, a 20-foot boat marked with japanese writing washed right up onto a beach. the boat is covered in barnacles. a local resident found it on an oahu beach while walking his dog. authorities are confident the boat came from japan but they will confirm its tsunami debris. last year, the u.s. military boat recovered a japanese buoy off the big island of hawaii. moving to other news, american airlines and us airways making it official this valentine's day. yes, they are getting married.
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a merger scott mcgrew says doesn't have a whole lot of romance. >> good morning. the strange thing about this new marriage is executives at american didn't want it. us airways has been trying to find a partner for quite some time and it found one in american. although the new airline will be called american, it's really us airways. the smaller company taking over the bigger company. us airways is generally not the favorite of travelers or travel riders. one airline executive went so far as to call us airways the ugly person that nobody wanted to marry. he's since apologized. what does all this mean to you and you? frequent flyer miles are not affected, at least for now. it will be a couple of years before they do that. if you have tickets for both, you can't combine miles together, at least not yet. the actual tickets and plans are not affected. don't worry about that. but you can find more answers at other news, sesame street getting this close to 1 billion
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views on youtube, 1 billion. that's justin bieber territory. and its creators say they're going to release a secret video when they cross that magic number. >> top secret video, oh, boy! it's a top secret video! come on, play, top secret video, play! why don't you play? >> do not open until 1 billion views. >> that could happen someday day. maybe the secret video is the count counting to 1 billion. back to you. >> i love it. still one of the classics. to baseball now and a lot of action going on down in arizona as the world champion giants take the field for spring training. >> it's busy in the clubhouse as well. nbc bay area's laurence scott takes us behind the scenes at scottsdale stadium to introduce us to the man who's been helping the giants gear up since 1958. >> reporter: good morning. the giants in full swing here at
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spring training in arizona. scottsdale stadium is the site where we're seeing not just the players but some guys behind the scenes really making a difference as this team makes a run for another championship. one of the guys is actually a giants legend. take a look. it's one of the very best sights of spring, the giants' first day of workouts at scottsdale stadium. just as the team was getting in motion on the field, there was a legendary figure in the giants' organization taking a deep breath in the clubhouse. long-time equipment manager mike murphy spending a moment with his friend abbie having helped the giants gear up and get on the field for another spring. >> every day you come here, every spring you get enthused. right after the super bowl, we get all excited to get everything ready for baseball. >> reporter: how many years have you been making sure the team has everything they need? >> roughly about 54 years. i can't remember. i started in '58. i quit counting a long time ago. just happy to be here every day,
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do the job and with my help, ron and harvey and the rest of the gang, brandon. >> reporter: after all these years, scottsdale has become something of a home away from home. >> yeah. you meet friends. we've been here so long that every year you meet more people from scottsdale and everybody's friendly in this town. from the mayor all the way down, everybody tries to help you. they always tried to help the giants when we first moved here. just became family down here, like the scottsdale family. we really enjoy coming down here. >> reporter: murph and his crew will help the giants get ready for the start of cactus league play coming up next saturday, february 23rd, right here at scottsdale stadium with the giants hosting the angels. that's the scene here from arizona. let's send it back to you in the studio. >> laurence scott there all week bringing us the baseball highlights. thank you very much. we have been blessed with a gorgeous forecast on this valentine's day. let's get a look at it now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you.
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it does not get any better than this for the 14th day of february. still in the heart of winter and enjoying springlike conditions. it is going to be so nice out there today. as you can see right now, the bay bridge, crystal clear. we had fog earlier this morning. but it has all cleared out. temperatures are running nice and mild. a little hazy out there. good to moderate air quality all across the bay area. we have rain on the way. that's good news for that situation. 55 degrees right now in napa. 55 in san francisco. taking you to the south bay, 65 degrees, 5 degrees away from 70 in sunnyvale at 11:20 with three hours of warming to go. an indication of how nice it's going to be out there. want to show you the visible satellite imagery around the san francisco bay. we had the cloud cover lingering, especially over fremont. it's cleared and the sun is going to warm us up nicely. high pressure is strengthening for today. that means warmer days ahead. as we head throughout tomorrow, in fact all the way through saturday, temperatures stay in the 70s. we have a beautiful-looking day
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shaping up. happy valentine's day to you. 1:00 p.m. in san jose, about 65 degrees. we'll be at 69 degrees at 2:00 p.m. unseasonably warm there. 10 to 15 degrees above average today, tomorrow, saturday as well. then we drop off and bring in some changes. rain on the way tuesday into wednesday and a return of the 50s. back to you, jon and marla. >> thanks. we liked the hearts on that graphic. up next, sharing the love. florists selling thousands of flowers today for valentine's day. we find out which ones are the most popular. and for a limited time, why these musicians are getting booted from a very unique concert setting. we'll let you know.
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love is in the air in san
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francisco and the flower shops are busy. at armando rose company in san francisco, workers arrived before 5:00 a.m. to unwrap and arrange hundreds of roses for valentine's day. one floral designer was picking up several dozen roses for last-minute orders. >> people just realize it's valentine's day. so you have to be able to spot them. we can't help everyone, but we try to do our best. >> june says red roses are the most popular. but tulips are a common request. >> some people just realizing it's valentine's day? >> my dad's one of them. he said that last night. >> duly noted. if flowers aren't really your thing, here's a different idea for your valentine. >> how about a free oceanside concert at sunset? ♪ there you have it. an artist and a sculptor halled
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a piano up to the bluffs at half moon bay and he's played there every night since february 1st. but he's being told to take his show and hit the road. the city says after today, he'll have to go. he says the concerts were never meant to go on forever. so he'll now hold the very last one tonight at 5:00. >> mother nature providing the arena on that one. >> spectacular. up next, a silicon valley legend immortalized in chewing gum. we'll explain.
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how about this? a ukrainian artist paying tribute to a silicon valley icon and doing it with chewing gum. >> this portrait of steve jobs is made entirely of gum. the artist has made other portraits including elton john and a local ukrainian celebrity as well.
11:26 am
she said it took about 1,000 pieces of gum to make the steve jobs portrait. >> never seen that before. >> she had some help from friends to chew all that gum. but this one knows i'm addicted to gum. i could have helped her. >> strong jaws. >> thanks so much. happy valentine's day. have a great day, everybody.
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oh, good morning, dr. baird. good morning, regular person lemon. oh, hey, are you around this weekend? uh, maybe we could have that date we talked-- yes. okay. uh, how 'bout...friday? oh, no, friday i have a how 'bout saturday? saturday, uh...okay. i guess that doesn't have to be weird. okay then. okay. valentine's day it is. [gasps] [whispering] saturday is valentine's day? norts! (jack) you sound so sexy when you say that.
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say it again. [passionately] your mother's gone back to florrrrrrrida. mmm... these mcflurries are amazing. i know. the soft swirl of vanilla, and the hard crunch of candy and cookies. you'd think they fight each other, but no, together they are perfecto. some would say that describes us. who would say such a crazy thing? we are us. let a mcflurry be what it is-- the world's greatest dessert. actually, the world's greatest dessert is served in a restaurant right here in new york called plunder. it costs $1,000. lucky for you, your boyfriend got reservations for valentine's day. but i have to go to church. on valentine's day? is that a thing? it is the feast of the martyrdom of st. valentine. please, jack, don't tell me you're one of those convenient catholics that only goes to church every sunday. [playful scoff] ah.

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